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History of the Market

Cardiff Market is situated in the centre of Cardiff’s vibrant and exciting City centre. There are 2 entrances; the main entrance is situated on St. Mary Street, with an additional entrance at Trinity Street, opposite St. John’s Church. The Trinity Street entrance is a pedestrianised area which has a peaceful landscaped garden with seating where you can relax and enjoy a snack purchased from Cardiff Central Market.

The Market is open Monday to Saturdays, 8am until 5.30pm.

There are numerous Car Parks within walking distance, and we’re only 5 minutes walk from the Central Train and Bus Stations. There are also a number of bus stops around the St. Mary Street entrance.

From its humble beginnings as a farmers' market trading in livestock and farm produce, Cardiff Market has evolved over the centuries to suit the changing needs of traders
and consumers both locally and further afield.

A centre of food excellence, with an enormous variety of other products on offer, this city landmark has a fascinating story to tell.

Read how the changes have affected the day-to-day life of the city, find out who was responsible for the design and construction of the building and learn more about the role the market has played in the development of Cardiff’s retail centre.