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Solar Panel Farm - Lamby Way


Suggested Site for

Solar Development


Cardiff Council owns and operates the Lamby Way landfill site at Rumney in Cardiff. The landfill site waste operations are due to close fully at the end of March 2017. 44 hectares of the site have been capped for some time and capping of the remaining 12 hectares is underway with completion expected in 2016/17.


Cardiff Council is offering an opportunity to develop a solar farm on the proposed site on a 20 year lease. In return the Council would expect an annual ground rent for the land occupied by the solar farm, and there will also be opportunities to explore Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with the Council through a private wire arrangement and/or through the grid. The baseload for the adjacent Cleansing Depot can be found in Appendix B while the Council’s overall baseload can be found in Appendix C. There may also be opportunities for energy storage facilities or other associated innovations at the site.