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Community Asset Transfers


Community Asset Transfer (CAT) is about giving local people and community groups greater control in the future of their area and their community.  CAT can be applied to either buildings or land in public ownership.

Where local groups own or manage their own buildings, it may help promote a sense of belonging in the community.  It also brings people from different backgrounds together to work towards a shared goal, allowing them the opportunity to use the asset to secure its viability/ sustainability and that of the community.

Community ownership can also play a part in raising people’s aspirations, in enhancing the local environment and in helping alleviate poverty.  It can often bring ‘added value’ by levering in external investment e.g. grant funding that is not available to the statutory sector.

The Council is committed to working with community groups and local people to ensure that community asset transfer in Cardiff is successful and sustainable in the long-term.

Aims of asset transfer

The Council has buildings and land that are used for a variety of social, community and public purposes.  For some Council buildings and land, community management and ownership by a non-profit making/community-based group, could bring benefits to the local community, as well as to the Council and other public service providers.

Asset transfer may mean that public assets get used more frequently and more effectively. It may mean that the use of those buildings or land extends the life of that facility. Community-led ownership may also allow additional opportunities for groups to secure extra funding or resources to maintain the life of the asset and create employment/ enterprise opportunities that may not otherwise be possible.


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